Rear speaker and enclosure for MCC Smart 450

MCC Smart 450 has poor audio playback environment by default. Major way to upgrade is to install speaker bins under the dash ( see ) and replace speaker to more large one. I’m using Helix’s E5X. But I’m not satisfied with just two front speaker. I’ve used my polkaudio’s pc speaker on the back of sheet and it still lacks performance especially total sound pressure and dynamic range. So I’ve made my owns by DIY.


  • Sealed enclosure with no bracing
  • Enclosure inner volume: approx 14.1inch(W) x 11.8inch(H) x 5.9inch(D) = 0.535 Ft3(15litre)

Parts list:

  • 2x FOSTEX FF225WK – amazon – $200
  • 2x FOSTEX P24B Screw Type Speaker Terminal – amazon – $10
  • 3x 450x900x12 MDF(Medium-density fibreboard) – $30

Time needed:

  • approx 40 hours(I’ve spent 2 weekends)

Here is my result.Yeah !


投稿者: mkiuchi

Computer system architect and tired to work. likes opensource. especially fedora and scientific linux. drives MCC Smart 450 fortwo. some mod for MCC Smart is also my fun. Windows at work and Linux at home. Smorker.